Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring

It’s getting to be that time in my build where I can do some of the finishing touches. One of these includes redoing the floor. The gym mats were great to have while working on the van, but to live in it, I realized I wanted something different. Trick was, I already built everything on top of the mats.

So what I decided was to do some partial carpeting, and some partial laminate flooring, and to put both down right on top of the gym mats. In hindsight I think maybe the gym mats will help with some shock absorption from the road. Maybe – maybe not – I like to think glass half full! Maybe they’ll help with insulation and noise dampening too. Who knows…

Anyway, I decided to put carpeting in the cargo area, and laminate in the living area. I went with the cheap laminate ($20 for a bundle), I figured that down the line if I wanted to replace it… it wouldnt be that hard. And also I only needed one bundle to do then entire living area.

For trim I decided to stay on the budget approach and use some old weathered wood.