How to choose your Inner Circle of Friends, Episode 81
Simply EnoughOctober 03, 202300:39:4027.25 MB

How to choose your Inner Circle of Friends, Episode 81

Did you ever feel unpopular, or not one of the “cool kids” or outside the social hierarchy? Have you ever felt taken for granted, or, have you ever been the taker? Is it true we become the average of the 5 people with whom we spend the most time?

Listen to the voice inside you that knows who you are and is guiding you, and align with those with whom you respond positively. Reflect on the time you devote to certain people. Friendships can reveal how you see people around you as well as be a benchmark of self respect and self-revelation. You can choose with intention what’s a right fit for you, where you feel a sense of belonging and who’s in your Inner Circle.

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