Simply Enough

Because you are enough, just as you are. Period.

Elizabeth and Zachary

Elizabeth and Zachary

Welcome to Simply Enough!  This podcast was created to celebrate you, because you are enough, just as you are.  Far too many of us have internalized narratives of not-enough-ness or too-much-ness and those pervasive narratives inhibit us from being our authentic selves.  We are on this journey of uncovering and digging up these stubborn, expansive roots and deciding what to do with them.  Join your hosts, Dr. Elizabeth Ignacio and Mr. Zachary Linnert, as we share who we are and what we hope for along this journey.  We will laugh, cry, (I'm not crying; you're crying!), tell stories, laugh at ourselves, laugh at each other, support each other, and support YOU toward seeing and believing that we are all enough, just as we are.  Period!

August 17, 2022x
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S1E30 You Are Not Alone

Have you ever felt like "just" a bystander? Have you ever felt, in this perfect-selfie world, like you're the only one struggling? Know you're not alone. We can connect instead of distance, relate instead of isolate, and rather than lead One-to-Many, we can lead One-to-One...

August 09, 2022x
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S1E29 It is what it is

Have you ever felt hurt by disappointment by a friend, colleague, or partner? Rather than letting the disappointment fester, pierce it to express it, and then heal. Recognize what's in front of you the entire time. By seeing something as it is, rather than the idea or wish of what we&apo...

August 02, 2022x
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S1E28 Controlling Expectations

Have you ever felt the weight of expectations, not only of yourself but of others? Do your expectations change how you show up in every situation? Connect, rather than separate, by recognizing interpretations over translations, to create a network out of individual operating systems. Since we...

July 26, 2022x
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S1E27 Age is a number; Youth is a Mindset

Have you ever believed your age defines you? You can choose if a number imprisons you or liberates you! There are different seasons of life, so don't envy youth, or apologize for lessons learned and wisdom earned. Order the chicken fingers and tater tots! Taste, save and enJOY the hot fu...

July 19, 2022x
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S1E26 C’mon and Celebrate!

Have you ever felt in need of a pick-me-up? Y’know, “adulting” and play are not mutually exclusive. You have the choice of which lens you see the world! There are no rules; make up a holiday and spark a celebration. Let loose, woot-woot, chee hoo, laugh like Chewbacca, and the lasting memorie...

July 12, 2022x
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S1E25 Us versus Others

Have you ever felt excluded or marginalized? Or, had difficulty empathizing with another person or group, because you haven't shared their experience or agree with their views? Not everything has to be adversarial. Curiosity is the glue that binds us, and there is more that connects us t...

July 05, 2022x
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S1E24 Real Friends, Deal Friends, and Boundaries

Have you ever been in an imbalanced friendship? More giving and the other taking? Rather than feeling you need to prove or earn your value, listen to your inner GPS, and don't go by their voices and measures of your worth to them. What they think of you does not matter more than what you...

June 28, 2022x
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S1E23 Don’t Quit. Let go.

Have you ever stayed in an environment or stuck with an idea that hurts you? What’s the price of the struggle, when your gifts and talents are so taxed? Honor what makes you sing, rather than be the canary who suffocates in the coal mine. Your self worth doesn’t have to be wrapped up in the s...