Maximizing and Optimizing vs Satisficing, Episode 89
Simply EnoughJanuary 09, 202400:29:3120.29 MB

Maximizing and Optimizing vs Satisficing, Episode 89

Are you always insistent on The Best, and nothing less will do? How does that serve you, and is it even healthy? Sometimes, you can use your time better than constantly searching for Best or Perfect. It's amazing what we miss out on, when we worry about what we're missing. In search of the Best, you can miss right where you are and miss experiencing what you have now. 

In pursuit of some ambiguous "better", it's hard to enjoy and savor what's in front of you, too busy measuring up rather than simply experiencing. Critiquing something so much can even destroy the value of it, and self-prophesy disappointment. Instead, we can adopt the mindset of seeing what was gained rather than what fell short. The goalposts of Best often keep moving, so we might as well make room for Good Enough, and even change the definition and parameters of "enoughness", to find joy in life as is.

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