S1E37 Just Ask!
Simply EnoughOctober 04, 2022x
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S1E37 Just Ask!

Have you ever been voluntold, instead of asked? We can recognize the moments when a decision is taken from us, and also avoid doing that to someone else. Rather than allowing someone to think for you, invite a person to ask, and use your voice to answer! And when we ourselves think for others, with a litany of disclaimers, as a way to “protect” us from rejection, embarrassment, or disappointment, we actually limit ourselves by removing opportunity and possibility! Get the “data points” by asking, rather than nebulous assumptions. We have a role in how people treat us, and we have the sole role in how we treat others. And we can ask ourselves what we want, so we own our choice, rather than being complicit letting someone think for us. Asking can be a moment of connection and understanding, in relation to others and with one’s self.

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